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At present, domestic garbage treatment process and recyclable waste disposal methods

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Every morning when it is always dark, many sanitation workers who pay silently clean the streets in every corner of the city, collect household garbage, and transport the collected garbage to the refuse transfer station. Because we are in possession of a large population, we produce a huge amount of household waste every day. Therefore, thousands of sanitation workers will clean up and collect household waste we produce silently when it is still dark.Many thanks to the sanitation workers, their hard work in return for our clean and beautiful living environment. So, wonder if you know how to deal with the large amount of household waste after the unified collection? Below gangli environmental small make up will introduce the current domestic garbage treatment methods and processes.

The processing process of domestic garbage in China.


The picture above being the current process of solid waste disposal in China. We can also call it the disposal method of household waste. We can see from the processing process that after the sanitation workers collect the household garbage uniformly. They will send it to the garbage transfer station for garbage sorting. The sorting here is mainly to solve recyclable garbage and non-recyclable garbage .For example, plastic bottles, plastic bags, old household appliances, old mattresses, old sofas, waste paper and so on are recyclable waste. Recyclable garbage is of high value for recycling. For example, peel, vegetables, leftovers and other household waste are not recyclable garbage. After sorting out recyclable garbage and the non-recyclable garbage, the garbage transfer station will handle them separately. Recyclable garbage will be forwarded to solid waste crushing and recycling station for crushing and recycling treatment. There are two main ways to deal with the unreconcilable garbage. The first way is to send the unreconcilable garbage to the disposal site for incineration, landfill or ferment. The second approach is to use the flammability of non-recyclable waste to generate electricity by burning it in a thermal power plant. This kind of waste incineration power generation treatment method is also maximized to the non-recyclable waste for utilization. So what about recycling? Allow me to make a brief introduction.


Disposal of recyclable waste

In China, the most common way to cope with recyclable garbage is to recycle the granulation after crushing and cleaning. Why do our country adopt such treatment mode? Most of the recyclable waste is plastic, and some are scrap metal, cotton, cloth and wood. Here, I mainly focus on the waste disposal of wasting plastic products.

First, solid waste crushing equipment such as two-axis shredder. Two-roll shredder or plastic crusher will be used to crush and treat the garbage of plastic products. After being treated by solid waste crushing equipment, tiny plastic particles are obtained, and then these plastic particles are cleaned. Generally, water washing method is adopted, that is, washing sinks are employed to multiple cleaning. After cleaning and getting the clean material, the spiral conveyor will transfer the material to the plastic crusher for secondary crushing. After plastic crushing and secondary crushing, the finer plastic particles will be obtained. After that, the material is taken to the dryer by the screw conveyor for drying treatment. The purpose of this step is to eliminate the remaining water when washing. After processing by the dryer can be obtained both clean and dry small plastic particles, this time will be the last step, which is to send these clean and dry small plastic particles to the plastic granulator for granulation, after processing by the granulator will be used in the manufacture of plastic products of plastic raw materials.

Foshan Gangli environmental protection is a professional r & d, manufacturing solid waste crushing equipment manufacturers, Gangli's main products include shredder, plastic crusher, a double roll shredder, conveyor belt, screw conveyor, washing trough, drying machine and so on series. From the above, we can see the important role of solid waste crushing equipment in recyclable waste disposal. In other words, solid waste crushing equipment such as shredder and plastic crusher of Gangli environmental protection plays a role of coarse crushing and fine crushing in recyclable garbage treatment, and these equipment is essential and important professional equipment in recyclable garbage treatment. Of course, products of Gangli environmental protection are not only those mentioned above, but also many series of products. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact Gangli environmental protection.

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